Create Subtitles for Movies in Notepad

Many people are not aware of this trick in notepad

subtitle in notepad

Yes you can create subtitles for Movies with Notepad also.

Subtitles are normally .srt files where .srt stands for SubRip Text files.

The format of the .srt file should be as follow

Subtitle Number

Start time --> End Time
Subtitle Texts

(There should be a blank line between every next subtitles)

(For more time accuracy just open the video in one side)

(e.g) I just took the dialogues from Terminator Film


00:00:29,000 --> 00:00:36,600
My mission is to protect you


00:00:40,000 --> 00:00:42,400
Who sent you??\


00:00:43,000 --> 00:00:46,600
You did .Thirty five years from now.

The format of the Start and End time should be 


Now after creating your own .srt file just open any video in VLC and just drag and drop your .srt file 

Hope you enjoyed the post.
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  1. interesting post.......

  2. Yes it is working.

  3. It can be done only in VLC?


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