Many People are accessing internet through Mobile phones.Even more people are using smartphones but when you go through your mobile configuration you can see the words GPRS or EDGE in the list.

Most of us not aware with whats GPRS or EDGE this post will explain you some basic things about GPRS as well as EDGE.



EDGE is the Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution is the mobile data transmission technology. It is considered to be higher than GPRS.

EDGE is mostly used in GSM networks for connecting Internet in Packet Switched networks.

EDGE can transmit upto 60kb/sec.


GPRS is General Packet Radio Service which is lower in speed than EDGE.

GPRS based connections are charged based on the volume of data used but not with the Time

(Note all our network providers charge up only for MBs not for hours we use So mostly we use GPRS)

Speed of GPRS is very lower compared to EDGE with only 20 kb/s

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