Hibernate VS Sleep

Hibernate vs Sleep

by Vicky

Normally every Windows user may came across this two things Hibernate and Sleep but many doesn't have a clear knowledge about Hibernate and sleep

hibernate vs sleep Digital native

In this post I tried my best to clearly understand whats the difference between both of them


Hibernate just like taking a snapshot of everything you got on RAM (including any windows and apps running) and then store it to a special hard disk file and then shuts the computer down.

In Hibernate mode, a file named hiberfil.sys which has the same file size as the amount of system memory will be created on the local disk.When user wants to use the computer again, the computer will boot up and load back the state at the last hibernation

When you resume from hibernation the computer boots a bit faster than a normal booting of Computer. This method does not consume any power while the computer is off.


It doesn't shut down all the components in Computer instead components  like RAM are never shut down, so the next time you resume, it will boot almost in an instant. But this method consumes battery power to retain data in RAM.

Sleep mode is mentioned as STAND BY in windows vista.

You also can read more about Sleep vs Hibernation here

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