Kbps vs KBps

KBps vs Kbps

KBps vs kbps Digital native

Many internet users who have connection speed of 512 Kbps think that they are cheated by ISP s(Internet Service Provider) since they think they can't download 512 KB/s but the real fact is that both the things kbps and KBps are not same

The fact is internet speed is normally measured in Kbps(Kilo bits per second) but we used to measure our files,folders in our hard disk or a pendrive in KBs(Kilo Bytes)/MBs.

So KB is greater than Kbs If you want to understand better just understand the following calculation

Download speed calculation:

Download KBPS speed = ((Kbps value*1000) /8)) / 1024


If your internet speed is 512 kbps 


Download KBPS Speed=((512 *1000)/8 )) /1024

So we get 62.5 KBps

But this is also theoretical calculation so you may achieve 10 % lower result than this.But the maximum is you can download 64 KB 

of data every second with a 512 Kbps connection (not 512 KB per second as you think)

We calculated the maximum download speed values in KBps for different bandwidth ranges available from ISPs as below

Internet     Download speed (approx)

256 kbps ---31.3 KBps

512 kbps ---62.5 KBps
1 mbps    ---122.1 KBps

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