Private Browsing in Browsers

Private Browsing:

by Vicky
private browsing

Private Browsing allows the user to surf internet without saving any details like cookies,temp files and history of pages you browse locally.

It is referred as "Private mode" or "Porn mode" is the privacy option in browser and you will get this option in different names with different browser 


In SAFARI browser - Private browsing
private browsing

Click on the settings icon located in the upper right hand corner of your browser window. When the drop-down menu appears, select the option labeled Private Browsing...

In CHROME browser - Incognito mode

private browsing

Click on chrome menu in right side then Select New incognito window option or you can use the shortcut key ctrl + shift +n to open a new tab as private browsing

In MOZILLA FIREFOX browser -Private Browsing

private browsing

At the top of Firefox browser click on Firefox button and select New private window to start using Private Window.

In INTERNET EXPLORER browser - In private Browsing

private browsing

Click on the setting in top right corner of Internet Explorer then click on Safety->In private browsing or you can use the shortcut key combination ctrl + shift + p to enable private browsing.

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