PUCK Code In Mobile

Pin Unblocking Key:

PUK Code in mobile

PUCK code is nothing but the Pin Unblocking Key used to unblock a mobile or SIM which is blocked after three incorrect PIN entries in a row.

For a SIM or Mobile which is locked because of above reason must need a PUCK code to unlock .

But we have a good feature that we can use the Mobile phones to make emergency calls even it is blocked.

PUCK code is normally 8 digit number stored in your SIM card which is known by your Network Operator.So when you need your PUCK code you have to contact your Mobile operator and after verifying your identity they will issue the PUCK code to you.

But we have to careful with the fact that entering PUCK code wrongly for 10 times will surely lock your mobile/SIM permanently

PUCK 1 and PUCK 2 are normally used to unlock PIN 1 and PIN 2 respectively (Blocking of PIN 1 will block your device entirely whereas PIN 2 will block only selected features bit you can use the Mobile phone still 
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