Smart Phone Sensors

Smartphones are provided with many sensors in default you can see them in Mobile phone's configuration itself.

But many of us are not aware of the uses of Each sensors what they do actually here is the small post to help you to learn about different sensors is Smartphones.

The most common sensors in smartphones are

  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • Proximity Sensors
Accelerometer Sensors:
smart phone sensors Digital Native

Accelerometer Sensors is a device present in our smart phone which detects the orientations of our phone. so our phone can easily switch to portrait or landscape mode depending on which direction we use the device.
smart phone sensors Digital Native

Accelerometer sensors detect all three axis x,y,z and switch itself between portrait and landscape.

Accelerometer sensors are first introduced by Apple,Inc.,


smart phone sensors Digital Native

Gyroscope is the device used for maintaining orientation and mostly used in smart phones to find the orientation and position of the device.

Gyroscope is different from accelerometer in which Acclerometer sensor measures linear acceleration where as gyroscope measures horizontal as well as vertical orientations.

They have many application in Smart phone games and it is introduced in iPhone 4 by Apple .Inc


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