Smart Phone Sensors 2

Proximity sensors:

Proximity sensors are most popular sensors used almost in every smartphone which is used to detect how much your phone is closer to your body.

smart phone sensors Digital Native

This sensor is mostly present near your speaker which sense your body distance when you hear your calls in smartphone .

So if your body (face is near the smart phone) i.e while you make a call and hear it the sensor will turn off the Display automatically.

This will save the battery life also it will protect from unwanted input by disabling the touch.Proximity sensor mainly uses the electromagnetic radiation through which it can recognize the human body interaction.


smart phone sensors Digital Native

GPS stands for Global Positioning System in which we can track the target by map by using GPS satellites. It is also a widely used sensor almost in all applications by which all speedometer and Navigation apps are developed.

Ambient Light Sensor:

smart phone sensors Digital Native

Ambient Light Sensor normally optimizes the light of the screen by sensing the light e.g If you are in dark then screen light will adjust to dim since your eyes wont affect by viewing brighter light and also if you are in Bright area it will adjust accordingly.

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