Taking Screen Shots made easy in Windows 8

Screen Shots in Windows 8

by Vicky

Windows 8 is the advance operating system of Windows family developed by Microsoft.

screen shot in windows 8

It has many advance features than its predecessors.

One of the feature is easy capture of Screen Shot (A screen shot (sometimes called a screen capture) is an image of a computer desktop that can be saved as a graphics file.) feature.

Normally to take a screen shot in windows xp or windows 7 :

 First press the Print Screen button (usually on the top row of the keyboard). The screen shot is copied to the clipboard, Then paste it in software such as MS Paint, Adobe Photo Shop.

Note that the mouse cursor is not included in the image.

Normally to take a screen shot in MAC OS :

On a Mac OS, press the Command, Shift, and numeral three keys together to create an image file. 

Screen shot in windows 8

Here there is no need of any software for creating screen shots in windows 8 

Just do as following:

Click on Win key + Print screen (Usually in top row of your Keyboard)

screen shot in windows 8

Now you will see your screen will get dim for milli seconds and thats it you captured the screen shot 

Now go to Pictures folder in documents and there you can see a special folder named screenshots and you can see all your screen shots get stored there .........

So no special software needed to create screen shot here after

This facility will be more useful for app developers since while they upload their app they are asked to create the screen shots 

Hope you enjoyed........

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