Uploading Video in YOUTUBE

Uploading Videos in Youtube

by Vicky

YOU TUBE is the world's largest library of Videos

youtube video by Digital Native

You also enjoy millions of video in YOU TUBE  If you wish to add your videos fro others to enjoy then read this post.........

To Upload a video in YOU TUBE:

Now click on sign in button

You are asked to enter your id and password
(Hey relax if you have a Gmail ID then you are lucky you can use your Gmail id for sign in with Youtube)

You can only add a video of length less than 15 Minutes with this procedure

youtube video by Digital Native

Now Select the video you'd like to upload from your computer. You can also record a video from your webcam, or create a video slideshow.

Now your Video will be uploaded and thats it........................You are done

If you want to share your video just use the link in your address while your video playing in youtube so just copy the link and you can share it with any one.........

youtube video by Digital Native

Hope you enjoyed............

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