Windows RT vs Windows 8

Windows RT vs Windows 8

 Many people have a big question whether windows 8 and Windows RT both are same?

The answer is "NOT". They are having their own differences.

Windows RT is expanded as Windows Run Time which is specially designed for ARM processors i.e. only for tablets not for ordinary laptop or a PC.

So Windows RT only can work with Tile based applications i.e. Metro style applications but not the traditional desktop applications

But when you take the case of Windows 8 Pro or other versions they support both traditional as well as Metro style application so this can be treated as the major difference between Windows RT and Windows 8 also Windows RT doesn't have a desktop like normal windows versions so Windows RT is not a upward compatible one.

So Windows RT is simply os developed for tablets and Windows 8 for PC and Laptops.

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  1. Can we use windows 8 pro in tablets ?

  2. No we cant use Windows pro in Tablets


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