Windows XP Its Time to RIP

What to with Windows XP hereafter?

xp time to rip

Microsoft is going to stop all its support to Windows XP products from April 10 2014 (Still 363 days to go) After that Microsoft won't give any technical support or critical protection updates for Windows XP OS.

So they are indirectly asking the XP users ready to buy Latest version of Windows released after Windows XP.

It is believed to be one of the best business tactics by Microsoft since there are still millions of Windows xp users in the world in which every  one has to pay for Microsoft to switch to new OS so Microsoft is expected to have a very big sales of Windows 7 and 8 versions by next year

According to Microsoft they are very sure that they won't give any support to products that are older than 5 years so even Microsoft Office is going to be get affected

So XP Users Be Ready

ITS TIME TO RIP YOUR WINDOWS XP OS.......................!

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