Create PDF files without any software

Many of us while uploading any details for application for very exams online needs PDF files.But most probably we use only readers just to read files in our systems but not any PDF creator to create PDF files.

Create PDF

Even the PDF creators are available in internet they are not for free.Another easy way is to use online wordtopdf converter sites available in internet.

But we provide here the simplest of all solutions to create a PDF file in Windows without any new software installed.

Just go to Run command by win key +R then click on then type notepad in run command

Now type any content you want then click on 

File ->Save As then enter your file name e.g mydoc.pdf so you have to add the extension as .pdf with your file name thats it you have now created a .PDF file.

but don't forget to change the save as type into All Files.

That all you created the simple PDF file without any new software installed but only using the single in built software notepad.
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  1. The file does not open as a PDF file but opens as a text file only.


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