Google Chrome to open any type of file

Once upon a time i wrongly drag and drop a music file in chrome and i amazed when the song is played in Google thats what i posted as Using Google Chrome as Music Player and it received a vast welcome from all the readers.

google chrome Digital native

So after that we involved ourselves in the ways we can use Google Chrome

The results are given below

1.Chrome as Explorer

The main advantage of chrome is that it can be used like a explorer(my computer).You can open any colon of your hard disk from Chrome by just typing the colon name e.g E: in the address bar will list all files and folders in E:

google chrome Digital native

2.Chrome as PDF Reader 

Many people when surfing internet would notice that Google Chrome opens the PDF files itself without needing Adobe Reader extensions

Now we state another trick for you (No need of Internet)

Just open Google Chrome (internet connection doesn't matters) and enter your colon name in the address bar you can see all the files and folders are listed in Google Chrome.

Now you just search and open your PDF file you can use your PDF files in Google Chrome (Now its good bye to Adobe Reader)

3.Using Chrome as Music Player:

4.Using Chrome as Video Player:

5.Using Chrome as Text Reader:

You also can open any .txt file and read it with the Google chrome just by typing the colon name in address bar and then click on the file.

Now its end card for Notepad to open a text file

but we tried the same trick with very big expectation to .doc and .docx file but instead of opening the file it again downloads the doc and docx files so thats the only feature we missed out..............

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