HTTP Errors

Most of us while browsing encounter HTTP errors mentioned with a three digit number.Most of us doesn't have enough idea of whats the error actually.
404 not found

Here in this post lest see some common errors and their corresponding solutions.

HTTP Errors:


If you are trying to access a site that is not allowed to you to view will be shown as 403 forbidden error.Most students encounter this error from their institution firewalls when they try to access a site not allowed to view by the firewall.

(Internet Explorer can't display this page)

  • This is the most common error every one is facing while browsing it clearly indicates the page you are trying to reach is not found.
Alternate to 404 Error : Mostly this error occurs when you are trying to reach a site by click on a link on another site.So try directly go to the site and check for the page.

  • This error is shown if the server takes actually more time to respond to your request than the max time than prepared waiting time
Alternate to 408 Error: This a temporary error may due to slow servers so try refresh or just try after sometime.

400:Bad Request

  • This is also one of the most common HTTP Error which takes place if the server can't process/understand your request corrrectly.
Alternate to 400 Error:Check your link for error Most probably the error will be in URL.


  • This error mostly happen in proxy environment in which people who are having no authentication is trying to access the resource.

Alternate to 401 Error:Check whether you are a authorized one to access the resource.

500:Internal Error:

This error takes place only if the website is under construction or there is a problem with the server.

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