Windows 8.1 Public Preview Release Date

Microsoft has officially confirmed the release of major update to Windows 8 (released on last year October 26) and Microsoft officially named the release as Windows 8.1 (not as Windows blue).

Windows 8.1 Public preview is announced to be release on June 26 and Windows 8.1 complete as Christmas gift to Windows lovers...................................

Windows 8.1 Digital native

Microsoft released Windows 8 under big expectation on last year October 26th.Microsoft proudly announced it had sold 150 million licensed of Windows 8 until last month.

But the Windows 8 is not liked by every one.Right from the beginning of Windows 8 journey many people upsets with the move of replacing Start button with start screen in Windows 8

We are able to see in many forums that Windows 8 is a  failure and its end of Windows market (The main reason behind this is decline in the PC sales in past years).

So when the news of Windows blue development released in Internet again the expectations over the Windows blue was so high.Also there are rumors stating that Microsoft is planning to undo removal of start button in Windows blue (officially called Windows 8.1)

Microsoft after a long silence answered every questions of people now by announcing preview date of Windows 8.1 on June 26 th through Windows store.

Also Microsoft confirmed that Windows 8 will be a free update to Windows 8.It make the expectations over Windows 8.1 more.

So all of us eagerly waiting for June 26......................!!!!!!!!!!

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