Do you want to write in Tamil anywhere in computer?

Writing in Tamil made easy in computer:

Write in Tamil anywhere in  Facebook,Gmail etc.

Type tamil in internet

Sorry for writing this post in English.Here in this post I explain the easy way to write in Tamil in computer

Thanks for Google which gives a online tool to write in Tamil. 

So if you wish to write in Tamil go to 

Now the page resembles in the below picture will open 

write in tamil

So now enter your statement in tanglish in that page.

For e.g

neengal tamilil ezhutha venduma?

when you type the above statement it will be converted into 

நீங்கள் தமிழில் எழுத வேண்டுமா ? 

By Google translator.Any word you can type you will get the correct tamil word.You can copy paste the tamil words in Facebook or even in your mails or anywhere.

write in tamil

You can also install Tamil language pack from the Website  a site owned by Microsoft where you can download the IME for Tamil.

"Language is not a matter for Technology only innovation matters"

by Vicky 

Hope you enjoyed the post !!!
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  1. tamil language rockz..... everywhere tamil.... language is not a matter.... i like it very much..... interesting news for tamilians...

  2. yes really an interesting facts lets try upon this and tamilian rockz...

  3. happy for this i thing it only works in online.....
    there is lots of off-line soft wares are available in market to perform the same..
    here "azhagi" is on of the best transliteration software try it and share ur views about this.

  4. Sometimes its better to us online softwares as in corporate environments, the employees are not allowed to install 3rd party software for security reasons.


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