Bored Typing in Command Prompt??? Here is the simple way

Typing a file/folder path in Command Prompt:

Most of us feel crazy to type the entire path of a folder or a file in command prompt. But they actually may not aware of the easiest way available in Windows.

Here we go...

command prompt logo

There are two ways to paste a path in command prompt

  1. By simply drag and drop the file into command prompt windows
  2. By copy pasting the entire path from windows explorer
and most of us may aware of the second solution so we explain the first one in this post.

Note: This feature is only supported in Windows 7 and Windows 8 Operating system not in Windows XP.

Open the command prompt in your Windows.

(I want a path of a text file in my desktop to command prompt)

Now I just drag and drop the file into my command prompt window Thats it you can see the absolute file path is available in Command prompt

Note: This feature is not supported if you run command prompt as administrator mode.

drag and drop

drag and drop

To change Color of Command Prompt:

To change the color of the command prompt 

Open the command prompt windows and right click in the title bar of command prompt.

Now click on properties you will the command prompt properties window.

Now choose the Colors tab in the Command prompt properties window and choose the color you wish for the background, foreground anything easily with preview option.

command prompt properties

Hope you enjoyed the post !!!
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