How to create superhidden folder in Windows

Creating Superhidden folder in Windows:

super hidden folder

Most of the people already know how to make a folder hidden and how to again view the folder by checking the "View hidden files and folder" option .

But it is not actually the real way to create a folder since any one can access it by performing the same above action.

Windows OS has another option to create a supperhidden folder normally used for hiding  operating system related files.Here is the way to create our own superhidden folder in Windows operating system

I first created a folder named Secret in E:\ colon on my laptop then copied the contents needed to the folder.Now I am going to Superhide the folder.

First open Command prompt by typing cmd in Run Command ( Press Win key + R) and type as following

C:\> attrib  +s  +h  E:\Secret

superhidden folder in windows

Just replace the "E:\Secret" with your own folder path and hit enter thats solve.Your folder will be Superhidden.

To again view your folder use the following method in same command prompt

 C:\> attrib  -s  -h  E:\Secret

C:\> attrib  +s  +h  E:\Secret

 now  you can see your folder like a normal one like below
C:\> attrib  +s  +h  E:\Secret

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  1. Yeah its working ...super info..

  2. Wow, that worked for me too. I created a folder and hid it using the dos command you mentioned. It is super cool trick to hide the folder you don't want others to see.

    Thanks a lot. Keep sharing more tricks!

    Silvester Norman
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  3. I tried it on win 7. It changed the folder properties as hidden but not super hidden as mentioned. Anyone can still access the same by simply changing the properties as show hidden.


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