Micro SD card Do you know about your Memory Card??

Do you Know about your SD Card ???

micro sd

  • SD Card is abbreviated as Secure Digital Card.
  • We have more than 4000 brands of SD Card and 8000 models available in market.
  • SD Cards are made up of Solid state electrical circuits.
  • SD Cards are available in three sizes such as 
Standard SD        - 32 * 24 millimeter
Mini SD                - 20 * 21.5 millimeter
Micro SD              - 15 * 11 millimeter
  • We have 4 types of SD Cards such as SDSC (Standard capacity), SDHC(High Capacity), SDIO, SDXC(Extended Capacity).

micro sd

 To protect your memory card from corrupting and Virus attach Read more here...

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