Windows Screen is Upside Down Fix it [SOLVED]

Windows 7 or 8 Screen is Upside Down:

Windows Screen Upside Down

Sometimes you may encounter with a funny issue in your system or laptop where your screen is upside down accidentally.Here is the simple solution to solve the issue.

This solution is same for both windows 7 and windows 8 OS.

Possible reason for Windows Screen Upside Down: Landscape (Flipped) 

Main reason for the problem is your screen orientation is set to Landscape (flipped) in your display settings.


You may accidentally pressed the Ctrl + Alt + Direction Key combination.


  • Open your desktop and right click on a empty place to get the menu.Now choose Screen Resolution.

  • Then choose Orientation as Landscape (It might be Landscape (flipped) before you change)
Windows upside Down

  • Thats it your screen will be normal here after.

Keyboard Shortcut to change the Orientation:

  • Make fun with your friends by changing their screen orientation to upside down when they didn't notice using the shortcuts Ctrl + Alt + Direction Key.
Windows Screen Upside Down

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  1. Yes thanks this has worked for me "Possible reason for Windows Screen Upside Down: Landscape (Flipped)"

  2. Just an idea. Have another copy of text in this article upside down for easy reading for those coming to find out how to flip their screens back.


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