Do you know this trick ??

Do you know this trick ??

I ought to see lot of my friends hate command prompt since they have to type the folder path. In my older post I already suggested a simple to get a folder path.

Now I am gonna suggest another easy way to open a folder in Command prompt.

In my example I have to open D:\Games\Need for Speed Most Wanted\CARS in command prompt but its very hard to type the entire path name correctly but many aware of how to use some hidden Windows options to open the path in command prompt.

First go to the folder location  D:\Games\Need for Speed Most Wanted\ not CARS and for your understanding see the below picture.

Do you know this trick ? Digital Native

Now press SHIFT key  and right click on the folder name and choose open command windows here option.

Digital Native COmmand prompt

Now the command prompt will open with the path  D:\Games\Need for Speed Most Wanted\CARS as shown below 

Digital Native COmmand prompt

So here after forget to type the path in command prompt

Hope you enjoyed the post !!!
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