FB Chating abbreviations - You should know this !!!

FB Chat room Abbreviations:

Millions of text are sent every second through out the world but people are very concerned in reducing the size of message by using chiper text words in their chat and sms. If you are not aware of all the words here is some list of words you should know for better chat experience in present social media....!

121 - One to one
182 - I Hate You
2nite - Tonight
2moro - Tomorrow
4ever - Forever
A3 - Anytime,anyplace,anywhere
AEAP - As early as possible
AIMB - As I mentioned before
AKA - Also known as
ALOL - Actually laughing at loud
AMA - Ask me anything
ASAP - As soon as possible
ATST- At the same time
AYOR - At your own risk
AYSOS- Are you stupid or something?
B/C - Because
B4 - Before
B4N - Bye for now
Becoz - Because
BF - Boy friend
BFF - Best friends forever
BG - Be good
BIBI - Bye bye
BIO - Bring it on 
Blkbry - Blackberry
BON - Believe it or not
BRB - Be right back
BW - Best wishes
BYAM - Between you and me
CU - See you
CUL - See you later
CX - Cancelled
CYE - Check your mail
CYL - See you later
ditto - Same here
DIY - Do it yourself
DND - Don't disturb
dunno - I don't know
EMA - Email address
EZ - Easy
FAV - Favourite
FOC - Free of charge
GF - Girl friend
GI - Google  it
GMAB - Give me a break
Gn8 - Good night
Gr8 - Great
Huh - What
IAT - I am tired
ICW - I can't wait
IDC - I don't care
IDK - I don't know
IITM - It is in the mail
IJS - I am just saying
ILI - I love it
IME - In my experience
IMO - In my opinion
ISO - In search of
ITA - I totally agree
J4F - Just for fun
JFM - Just for a minute
JFI - Just for information
K - OK
L8R - Later
LIB - Lying in bed
LIS - Laughing in silence
LTNS - Long time no see
LUMU - Love You Miss You
LUSM - Love You So Much
M2NY - Me Too, Not Yet
MML - Made Me Laugh
MMYT - Mail Me Your Thoughts
MUSM - Miss You So Much
MYOB - Mind Your Own Business
N - No
N1 - Nice One
NVM - NeVer Mind
NW - No Way
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