Interesting Facts about Android Must Read

Facts about Android:

How much you know about World's leading smartphone OS Android ???

Facts about Android

Here is some interesting facts about Android phones you mat not aware and most interesting to read !

Android Facts

  • Google's android division is lead by Chennai born Sundar pichai who finished his bachelors in IIT Kharagpur also acting as lead for Chrome division in Google.

    Chennai born sundram pichai leading Android Google

  • Android itself is originally developed by company named which is later acquired by Google in 2008.
  •  HTC only introduced the first Android mobile with Android 1.5 Cup cake version with model name HTC Dream (In below picture)                                                                                                                                                       
    HTC Dream

  • Android logo is not originally developed by Android developers and it is believed to be stolen from game called Gauntle 
Android logo stolen
  •  Now around the world atleast 1 billion devices are powered by Android Operating system which is originally based on Linux kernal.
  • Google announced Android 4.4 with name Kitkat (one of the world's leading Chocolate brand) without choosing Key lime pie the most expected name of upcoming Android version.
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