Nokia Phone series Naming conventions

Nokia naming convention:

How Nokia name its mobile phones ????

Based on the features in the phone Nokia naming its model.Here is some list of phone model and their explanation.

Nokia naming convention

List of Nokia Products

Nokia 4 digit Series

Nokia 1XXX - Ultra basic models used only for making calls,SMS and Alarm especially they are not color phones

Nokia 2XXX - Basic Series which are little bit greater in specification against Nokia 1XXX series with color screens, some low quality camera and Bluetooth
Nokia 3XXX - Expression Series which are mid range phones targeting youths with features between Nokia 2XXX series and Nokia 6XXX series.

Nokia 5XXX - Active Series which are similar to Nokia 3XXX series but have some facilities to enjoy music (Special hardware buttons for Music players like so )

Nokia 6XXX - Classic business Series are mid range to high end phones mostly for business users in mind.

Nokia 7XXX - Fashion and Experimental Series targeted towards fashion conscious users towards women specially.

Nokia 8XXX - Premium Series which are targeted towards ergonomics and attractiveness

Nokia 9XXX - Communicator Series which are released in the period from 1996-06.

Nokia Lettered Series

Nokia C Series ( C stands for Core) - C series are affordable for social networking and sharing .

Nokia E Series ( E stands for Executive)- E Series mobiles are enterprise class mobiles with business optimized products.All phones in E Series run on Symbian OS

Nokia N Series - N Series are highly advanced phones with greater multimedia and connectivity features.Most N Series mobiles are also based in Symbian OS

Nokia X Series ( X Stands for Xpress) - These phones targeted youth users with music and entertainment.

Nokia Asha Series - Phones which are affordable for social network & sharing which are using Nokia series 40 Operating system.This phones targeted third world countries where phones are emerging trend with people.

Nokia Lumia Series - Smartphones which are running on Windows Phone operating system.

Nokia later revealed three digit numbered phones of middle range of cost with features resembling Nokia 2XXX series.

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