Ways to increase your Laptop's Battery life

Ways to increase your Laptop's Battery life:

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Here is some simple suggestions applicable to all laptop irrespective of model and manufacturer. Try to follow those and keep your battery alive for long time.

Unplug  USB First:

USB are ultimate battery drainers so dont plug USB devices without any need and Safely unplug USB whenever its not needed so you can save your battery charge highly.

Any USB device like external hard disk ,Your mobile connected to laptop even your external mouse will drain charge heavily.

Eject CD/DVD:

I had seen many people keep CD/DVD s inside the drives and they don't know these drives can drain their charge heavily for their rotation. So keep this in mind

Keep screen dark by lower lights:

LCD screen in the laptops also drain heavy charge from your battery so keep your screen in lower lights to increase your battery life.

Kill your screensaver:

If you still using screen savers, your batteries enemy is there,kill the screen saver. They usually drain more charge from battery.

Dont let laptop to sleep:

Instead of letting your laptop in sleep mode make them hibernate since hibernate consumes less power than sleep mode.(But it will take more time to resume from hibernate than Sleep)

Dont keep lap Hot: 

Avoid using laptop to contact with direct sunlight and don't block the air vents of laptops.Frequent heating of your laptop will surely damage your battery's life.

Use only your adapter:

You may not aware about a fact that charger of same brand laptop are having different watts so when you use different charger it will affect your battery life (You can even examined your battery taking more time/very very less time in contrast to charge when you use others charger instead of yours)

Only charge battery when it dries:

Avoid continuous charging of laptop even your mobile phones which heats your device which surely costs your battery life.

Be Updated:

My friend hinted me a point that his Mac book is not heating that much after performing updation( I am not sure with this point) but anyway keep your drivers updated.

Switch your laptop to power saver mode in your power option designed by Microsoft to increase your battery life. You can change your power option by control panel->power option in windows.

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