What Microsoft will get from the deal with Nokia ???

What Microsoft will get from the deal with Nokia ???

Microsoft's decision to buy Nokia for 7.2 Billion $ raised big questions to some people why Microsoft is spending this much ?? and what its going to get as return with this deal ??

I have some answers for the above questions  

Nokia Microsoft tie up

Pushing Bing Search engine further:

Microsoft is spending millions of dollars in R & D of its own search engine Bing announced as competition for its counterpart Google. Microsoft earlier failed to push Bing to people tackling the big lovers of Google now Microsoft make people to use or atleast try Bing search since it is strongly believed Microsoft will use Bing as default search engine in upcoming Nokia models.

So now MS got a platform to push Bing and  make users to think of Bing as another choice for search the internet.

Brand Name:

Microsoft no need to create a brand name in Market as hardware manufactures since Nokia is once the one man leader of Mobile phone market and still has good name with people about its hardware quality. So Microsoft can enjoy the brand name to market its phones. 

Lumia "The accelerator of Windows Phone": 

Microsoft wants Windows phone to succeed now it got its own hardware manufacturing unit. Microsoft knows well that to succeed in market it needs to develop its own hardware like Apple and Blackberry where the preceding one succeeds but later failed with the same formula. 

Microsoft "The Feature phone manufacturer":

Microsoft also buys Nokia's feature phone unit completely which include large selling Asha series phones which are budgeted between 5000 to 8000 Rs. So Microsoft can expand its market further in mobile platform.

Employees from Nokia

Microsoft is going to intake 32,000 employees from Nokia and it definitely going to count with Microsoft's success since the later doesn't have rich experience with hardware manufacturing what Nokia is having already.

Earning from Sales

Earlier Microsoft gets 10 $ for every phone Nokia sell with Windows so where Nokia is believed to be earn 40 $ for each device so now all is one  so Microsoft is going to make money all Nokia phone sales after the deal.

Answer to Google + Motorola

The decision to buy Nokia by MS will definitely make a challenge to Google's thought to enter mobile hardware manufacturing by purchasing Motorola, once a leading hardware manufacturer.

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