Do you Know this Taskbar Shortcuts??

Do you know this Taskbar shortcuts??

I suggest you some interesting shortcuts you may not aware with Task bar, Here we go...

Windows shortcuts

Scrolling between multiple instance of single application:

Consider this situation. You have opened three instances of word document and minimized all of them.

When you try to reopen the application from Taskbar (by clicking by mouse) You may find it difficult to find correct instance of application you actually need to open.

Here is the hidden windows taskbar shortcut to overcome this issue

Just press Ctrl button and then click on the application minimized in task bar and for your every click you can see the applications get switched and when the correct instance is opened you can leave the mouse and Ctrl key.

To open an application in Administrative mode: 

Press Ctrl + Shift and then click on the application icon to launch the application in Administrative mode.

In Windows 8 you can even click on an application tile in start with Ctrl and Shift to launch application in administrative mode.

To open a new instance of application:

Sometimes you may be annoyed with the fact you can't open two instance of application like Notepad, paint,MS Office Software and  Visual studio at a time and you have to again follow Start-> All programs ..... route to open a new instance of Notepad or paint or Visual Studio but its really easy

Just press Shift key and then click on the application in taskbar you can see a new instance of the same application gets opened.

To get programs Windows menu:

Usually Windows menu consist of options like Minimize, Maximize, Close etc and If you want to get Windows menu of any application just press Shift key and right click on application in task bar .

Windows shortcut keys

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