Facebook can predict your break-up

Facebook can predict your break - up:

Facebook predicts your break up Digital Native


This post I shared a interesting research result of Facebook data by some Facebook Engineers.

I studied the news in Times of India 


It was really interesting so only shared here for you !

Researcher from Cornell University and Facebook engineer analyzed 1.3 million Facebook users data who are all listed as being in relationship in Facebook and interestingly their break up can be predicted based on their mutual friends circle.

They call it as 'Theory of dispersion

According to study,

Theory of dispersion states, that couples with high dispersion have mutual friends who are not well connected where couples with low dispersion means they have mutual friends who are well connected.

Therefore, if a couple shares low dispersion, they are less likely to have their own lives and more prone to break-up.

Facebook stated healthy relationship, as one where both partners have connections to a lot of different groups of people, even if those friendships aren't particularly strong.

Hope this post is bit interesting for you !!!
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