Minimize and Maximize Windows with a shake

Minimize and Maximize Windows with a shake 

Every version of windows have its own hidden features which we may not aware. Here is  one such feature which give ease of use to Windows 

minimize windows with shake digital native

This feature is supported only for Windows 7 or Higher version.

When you are working with multiple windows you may find it difficult to minimize each and every window one by one.

Some people use shortcut like Winkey + m to minimize all the windows (but note using this shortcut minimizes all windows including current window you are using).

Now I tell you a hidden feature in windows to minimize all windows which are opened except the current working window.

Just click on the title pane of the current window you working and shake the window you can see all other windows will be minimized automatically.

To reopen the minimized windows again click on the title pane of the window and shake the window you can see other windows get reopened.

You can also use the shortcut Winkey + Shift + m to maximize all windows.

Digital native

Digital native

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