Receiving message in Facebook from unknown persons ?? This is for you

Are you receiving messages in Facebook from unknown persons ?? This is for you

Are you receiving messages from unknown persons in Facebook ? Don't know how to stop receiving their messages ?

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I suggest you a simple way to escape from unwanted messages in your inbox.

Facebook message have a hidden feature called "other" messages. Most people may not noticed other message option in Windows phone.

To get other message option follow the images below

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Now open your other messages and click on Edit Preferences and you can see two options basic and strict filtering.

Basic filtering- Any one can send you message even unknown can send you message all message occupy your inbox and you will get notification for the messages.

Strict filtering-Strict filtering means only your friends can message you directly and if some unknown person is sending message means it will be kept in other not in your inbox and hence there will be no notifications for the messages.

So If you want to save yourself from unknown messages change the default Basic filtering option to Strict filtering by click on Edit preference in the other message box

facebook Digital Native
facebook Digital Native
Keep in mind the above method only hide the unknown persons message to other folder but still they can send you but you won't get any notification for those messages that is the main advantage in this method.

So your account is saved from unauthorized messages.

Hope you enjoyed the post !!!

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  1. Never knew this option thanks for sharing i used get messages.


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