Server Not Found Error [Resolved]

Server Not Found Error [Resolved]

Many people wonder how to resolve when their browser shows " Server Not Found Error "  .

This error is due to facts your PC/System not able to find the DNS Server.

Its very easy to resolve this error. Here is the steps:

server not found error

  • Open Network and Sharing center by typing ncpa.cpl in Run command 
  • Right click on Ethernet or Local area connection  (Whatever available in your settings page)
  • Choose properties and you will get Ethernet properties setting window or Local area connection settings window.
  • Now double click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPV4) and you will get
    Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPV4) properties window.

ipv4 address automatically
  • You can see the settings as "Obtain IP Address Automatically" and "Obtain the DNS Server Address Automatically"
  • Now change the DNS address like below image

obtain ip address automatically

If you cant see the image above here is the steps

Change DNS setting as "Use the following DNS Server Addresses"

Preferred DNS Server      208 : 67 : 220 : 220
Alternate DNS Server      208 : 67 : 222 : 222

Click OK and now check your browser and you are done !

I learned this trick from a YouTube video If you can't understand my post please visit this video below

Hope you enjoyed the post !
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