Speed up your computer with USB Pendrive

Speed up your computer with USB flash drive:

Compatible with : Windows 7 | Windows 8 | Windows 8.1

Technology : ReadyBoost

Windows operating system provides a in built feature called as ReadyBoost which can improve the performance of your system with USB flash drive.

It is available from Windows 7 but unfortunately it is hidden from normal usage.

Windows take the idea of using the memory in your storage device to speed up your computer. This is the basic idea behind ReadyBoost.

Turn on ReadyBoost :

Here is how we can do that
  • First insert your pendrive/flash drive in your system 
  • Go to My Computer, Right click on your removable storage and then properties
  • Go to ReadyBoost tab in properties window.

If you have Autoplay option when plug in USB

Follow the below image

Autoplay in Windows

When you follow any one of the above steps you will see properties windows like below 

speed up your computer with USB pendrive

  • If you choose Dedicate this device to ReadyBoost option your entire USB memory will be dedicated to ReadyBoost. 
  • Instead you can even choose how much memory you are willing to allocate by choosing Choose this device option.

But its recommended strongly to use entire space for ReadyBoost for improved results.For ReadyBoost to be effective your flash drive should be atleast 1 GB of space.

To use your flash drive for ReadyBoost it must possess following characteristics:
  • Minimum memory of 1 GB
  • For best result, use Flash drive of size double your RAM size.
  • Only use USB 2.0 or greater 

To turn off ReadyBoost

  • Plug your USB and then right click storage device in your my computer
  • Under the properties windows choose ReadyBoost tab.
  • Now choose "Do not use this device" option .
  • Click OK

Now work with fast system with help of your USB
Hope you enjoyed the post !!!

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