Google Chrome OS taking on Windows OS

Chrome OS: Will it be a replacement for Windows ?

google chrome os
Google Chrome OS a new operating system by Google that designed to work primarily with web application.

Can't get it ? Watch the video below 

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What Google Chrome OS can actually do ?

Are you Internet sick ? Are you using your laptop or PC only for surfing internet ? If yes, then definitely Google Chrome OS is for you.

Google chrome OS uses cloud based web applications such as Google docs for creating document, Google drive or sky drive for storing files, Videos from YouTube, online photo editor etc.

Ya, it needs internet to do most of its stuff.


Is Chrome an alternate for Windows ?

Answer is No ! 

Google chrome relies completely on Internet for its operations which means you can't use your .exe files with Google OS like your Photoshop, any other browser etc etc.


What it can do in offline ?

no internet

I don't have internet for 24*7 , what Google chrome OS actually can do?

Google understand your problems. They have apps which can work on offline as well but still the usage in offline mode is limited. The chrome devices are equipped with 16 or 32 GB Storage drives.( From this minimum size of permanent storage you can understand they rely on internet for most stuff).

So whats the advantage ?

Think of Operating System which won't need Antivirus update, which never ask you to download update, which doesn't need to manage programs, no worry of lost files, no settings, Google Chrome OS is definitely a cool stuff

You may miss GTA Vice City, Cracked Software, Browsers of your choice, Paint, MS Office, Notepad if you choose to go with Chrome OS.

windows applications

Authors View :

"From a nation (India) where there is no high speed internet in every place (even not having 3G in every place) , I can't imagine a  OS rely on Internet .Yes, Chrome is having some interesting stuff, but how much it can make difference with people using Windows is a million dollar question ! May scenario change at future, until Microsoft will be in driver seat of OS market"

- Vigneshwaran , Microsoft Student Partner

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