Google wants your contribution

Google wants your contribution:

Bored of surfing internet ? Need some interesting task to do ?

Google want your contribution ? Sounds interesting ?

Google launched a service called " Google Map Maker " ( on 2008 in the view to enhance its services through Google Maps.

Google Map Maker

So anyone can contribute to Google Map Maker?

Yup, anyone who is having a Google account (GMail account) can contribute for Google Map Maker ((

What I can do with Google Map Maker?

You can add roads, railways, rivers, bridges etc etc etc even we can mention a small business and services in a building. Google provides three views Map, Satellite, Hybrid view for user to view the area which make us to identify a place easily.

All my edits will be published ?

The bitter thing is No. All your editing will be reviewed by more experienced user or Google itself to ensure quality of map and after review your editing will be updated in Google Maps.

Is Google Map Maker available for all country ?

Except very few countries, Google provides the Map Maker service to all countries including India.

Whats the main use of this project?

Simple, Google Maps may have quality satellite messages and street views but when we go for localized search e.g ATM in Mannargudi or Gas Stations in Mannargudi ( A small town near Tanjore) you may not get all the ATMs listed in Google Map. 

Because of the vast geographical area its unimaginative for Google to update their Maps for each and every new ATM or Gas station or a new road way immediately in their map.

So Google thought, Only with the help of Local people we can make the maps more updated and accurate.

So why you are waiting ?

Go to Google Map Maker, login with your Google account and start editing your City/ Town/Village and help the Google map to be more accurate with your town.

Authors View :

"I seen lot of people type and place their cursor in Google search box and wait for a while thinking what to type. Its true many people use Internet for the purpose of surfing and entertainment. why not our time in Internet should be useful to everyone? Start contributing for Google Map Maker ! Let our Town/City/Village be filled with all stuffs in Google Maps"

-Vigneshwaran , Microsoft Student Partner

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Hope you enjoyed the post.
(If some one interested in contributing Google Maps, please comment below we will help you with a fresh post of how to edit in Google Map Maker)

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