Mobile Touch Screen: Resistive VS Capacitive

Resistive VS Capacitive Touch Screen:

resistive vs capacitive

Resistive Touch Screen:

Resistive Touch used in display are usually made of glass with three layers.Two of those layers are conductive and resistive in nature and another one covering the whole setup.

When user touch the screen, the resistive and conductive layer touch each other leads to change in electric field. Now the system detect location of change of electric field and send to the software.

Capacitive Touch Screen:

Capacitive Touch are somewhat different from resistive touch screens in such a way that those glass panels in Capacitive are coated with some material.

That material can hold some electric charge. When human body touches the screen some charge transferred to human body and now the place which has lost charge is detected which tell the software the co ordinate of human touch.

If say simply

Capacitive touch - Only useful with human since need charge transfer

Resistive touch - Can be used by human finger also with stylus hence can be used in handwriting recognition system as well.


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  1. Now I know the differences of resistive and capacitive mobile touch screens. Thanks for sharing


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