Windows 9 leaked news

Windows 9 - Microsoft all set ready for new OS

Microsoft is reportedly readying its new operating system Windows 9 and its code named as "Windows Threshold ".

windows threashold

Microsoft aiming at producing unified operating system for Windows PC, Laptop, Tablet and phones as well in its Windows Threshold operating system.

Microsoft's is much concentrating on integrating all its product and aim at producing "One Microsoft" system.

And Microsoft is in pressure to bounce back from its poor performance with Windows 8 in market. Its not new for Microsoft to comeback from this kind of situations and we are already familiar with how it bounce back in Windows 7 after its disastrous Windows Vista loses ground.

Still Windows 7 is the most used Windows Operating system and Windows 9 is aimed to produce the same success story as Windows 7 did in past for the company.

Windows 9 is expected to release on Summer 2015 (officially not confirmed).

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  1. After launching Windows 8 by Microsoft, now it's planning to drop the Windows 8 name and next release as Windows 9.Read that there is a new operating system from Microsoft is going to launch in 2015 as per the survey.It is called Windows 9 operating system & currently know by it's codename called "Threshold".This operating system is going to support for virtual desktop sand separate windows for applications.
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