What you can expect in windows phone 8.1

Windows phone 8.1 leaked features:

At Build 2014 conference, Microsoft released few glimpses of Windows phone 8.1. Here is list of features you can expect from new Windows phone 8.1 OS.

Important: Any user holding a Windows Phone 8 will receive over the air update after release.

windows phone 8.1 update digitalnative

Action Center :

Windows phone 8.1's first biggest revealed feature is its action center where you can see the missed calls, your twitter updates, ability to turn Bluetooth Wifi on/off etc.

This is the most expected feature by Windows phone users where the rivals Android and Apple already giving the best notification centers.

windows phone 8.1 notification center

Windows Store Update

Windows phone store will get  redesigned so you easily surf and download cool apps than before.

Lock Screen Customization 

Microsoft spent lot of time improving customization option for its lock screen with animation supported images and three column support for apps instead of previous two in lock screen as well.

lock screen improvement windows phone 8.1 digital native

Calendar update

Microsoft improved its calendar app much by adding integrated whether report for all days ( i.e. you can see the whether prediction for the dates on calendar see image below)

calendar update windows phone 8.1

Word Flow

Bored in typing with touch screen?

Here Windows phone 8.1 added a feature called Word Flow ( Previously available with Android Phones) where instead of typing you can just glide your finger over the screen and Lumia will predict your typing

word flow Windows phone 8.1 digital native

Improved volume settings

Present Lumia has hatred volume settings where we have only one volume control for media, game and ringtone everything. In windows phone 8.1, Microsoft clearly worked hard to set volume individually for media, ringtone etc.

Still more to come with Windows phone 8.1. 

Microsoft on its way to tackle its counterparts ...

( Official release date not confirmed yet ...  )

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