How to charge your smartphone faster ?

Charge your Smartphone faster !

Here in this post lets see how to charge your smart phone faster than ever 

Trick 1: If you use USB port of your laptop to charge your Smart phone, you will find it will take more time to charge since USB 2.0 in laptop can deliver maximum of 0.5 Amps current. 

Trick 2: Instead you use USB 3.0 (Which is 10 times faster than USB 2.0 in data transfer), it can deliver up to 1 amps current so it will charge your faster than USB 2.0 (but not like the power cord) 

Trick 3: If you switch off your mobile phone before charging, Your mobile can charge faster .

Trick 4: You may aware of above 3 tricks but you may not tried this one. Even you are not using your phone, your smart phone battery will dry automatically since radio (used to connect  phone to tower etc) in the phone eats charge.

charge your smartphone

So try turn on Airplane mode ( Airplane mode is a settings used to turn off all wireless connections from your device )  and charge your mobile. You will be surprised since mobile will charge 50 times faster than before.

Big con of this method is you cant receive text or make call since your phone is in Airplane mode but its much better than turning off and on your phone.

Trick 5: If you charge your smart phone through car dashboard while your car is running , your phone will be charged twice as fast than before.

Hope you enjoyed the post !!!
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