How Microsoft earning from Android Phones ?

Microsoft earning billions from Android Phones :

Everyone knows Microsoft's Windows Phone is a big rival of Google's Android devices but Do you know Microsoft is earning around 2 $ billion from Android Phones ? 

puzzled ?

Microsoft earning through Android
Android is already market leader in smart phone sales through out the world. While developing Android & Chrome operating system, Google unlawfully used technologies of Microsoft & Oracle which is a violation of patent royalty acts.

Instead of engaging through law suit, Google signed agreements with Microsoft & other vendors to use their technology so Microsoft & other vendors will be paid back for every Android phone sales.

If we assume $1 is paid for every Android phone, then Microsoft will be paid around $430 million every year. There is an unconfirmed report that around $8 is paid to Microsoft for every Android phone sales (which means $3.4  billion per year). Another report claims Microsoft earned $2 billion last year from Android sales.

Microsoft already signed licensing agreement with Samsung, LG & HTC so 80 % of Android devices sold around the world are covered already.

For every Android product sales, Microsoft bank account will be filled with cash automatically :) 

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