Microsoft to kill Internet Explorer ! Time to RIP Internet Explorer ?

According to latest reports, Microsoft is believed to be working on a browser from scratch (Project code named: Spartan). New browser is expected to be released with Windows 10

good bye IE

Redmond based IT Giant, Microsoft is working hard to make a comeback with Windows 10 new operating system promised to work on PC, Tablets, Mobile Phones. 

To make user experience more better, Microsoft getting itself ready to lose its decades old in fame browser. At one point, Microsoft's browser IE handled 90% of total web traffic but latter failed to compete with its counterparts Chrome & Mozilla. 

In mobile platform, IE has very poor record of 2% of total web traffic.

All steps to push IE by Microsoft gone in vain. At last they decided to say a big good bye to IE & replacing IE with brand new browser which can compete with Chrome & Mozilla. 

Its clear that IE 11 will be available in Windows 10 but only for back compatibility.

You can expect more about Spartan project on January 21 when Microsoft planned to release its Windows 10 technical preview.

Time to RIP Internet Explorer ?

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