WhatsApp for PC (Without installing any software)

How to use WhatsApp on PC

World's largest smart phone messenger WhatsApp break its boundary to enter into PC world. 
Yes, you can access your favorite WhatsApp even from your PC.

whatsapp for pc

What we need to use WhatsApp for PC ?

  • Google Chrome Browser 

         Lover of Mozilla ? Sorry, Present WhatsApp for PC feature only supported in Google Chrome browser . (Download Google Chrome)

  • Latest version of WhatsApp in your smartphone 

        Supported for Android, Windows phone, Blackberry, Nokia S40, Nokia S60.

Simple Steps for using WhatsApp for PC feature:

Go to https://web.whatsapp.com/ in your PC/Laptop (Only in Google Chrome browser).

web.whatsapp.com will generate QR Code.

Open WhatsApp in your smartphone, find WhatsApp web option in menu. (Refer below picture for exact way to open WhatsApp web)

whatsapp for pc

Scan the QR code from your WhatsApp web app, that's it. Your entire chat will be loaded in Google Chrome web browser.

Enjoy WhatsApp for PC !
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