How to book Tatkal ticket faster ?

Book Tatkal Ticket online Faster:

Tatkal is an Indian railway scheme for passengers who travel at short notices.

How to book Tatkal ticket faster

You may be surprised by the speed of Tatkal tickets selling at IRCTC website. Even 100 tickets might selling in seconds.
Here is the question from every common user of IRCTC. 

How these guys can fill the reservation form within seconds ? Are they typing experts ?

My answer NO ! 

Then how to fill IRCTC reservation form in Seconds ?

If you decided to book Tatkal ticket, open Magic Autofill IRCTC Website before IRCTC Tatkal booking time. 

Click on reservation form button as shown in below image


You can see a template resembling Railway reservation form. Fill it up with all the necessary details. 

book irctc tickets faster

Click on "I am feeling lucky" button after completing the form. Now you will be redirected to window with two buttons, "Edit Form" & "Magic Autofill" button. 

Drag "Magic Autofill" button to the bookmarks toolbar of your Firefox or Google Chrome. If you are using the Internet Explorer browser, right-click the Autofill button and choose Add to Favorites to install the bookmark.

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Now open IRCTC website at Tatkal time, chose your train, when you are asked to fill form, just click the bookmark of Magic Auto fill in Chrome/Internet Explorer/Firefox. Your IRCTC form will be filled in nano seconds.

Pay money & enjoy travel in Railways.

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