Hate Unwanted Facebook Notifications & News Feed ? Here is the way to restrict

You might be bored with unwanted News Feed & Notifications from Facebook. Facebook provide handy options to restrict News Feed & Notifications.

Before that first we have to understand how Facebook categorize our friends. Facebook uses Friends List to suggest you with News Feed & Notifications.

We can our friends in any of the three below categories.
  • Close Friends
  • Acquaintances
  • Restricted
 Close Friends - You can add your best friends so you will see more of their actions in your news feed & notifications.

Acquaintances - This is list of friends you don't need to stay in touch with. People on this list will be rarely seen in your news feed & notifications.

Restricted - List contains who added you as friends but don't want to share anything to them like your Boss.

Here is how to add friends to friends list ? 
  • Go to your Facebook Profile Page.
  • Click on Friends from your profile page.
  • You will be shown list of all your friends in the page.
  • Hover over the Friends button next to any of your friend name & choose any on of the above category for your friend. 
hate unwanted Facebook notifications & News Feed

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