Mobile Internet Symbols: What does 2G, G, E, 3G, H, H+, 4G stands for ?

Whenever we connect our mobile or tablet to internet using mobile data we get any of the following symbols near the signal bar. 
The symbols used to be 2G, G, E, H, H+, 4G

The symbols used to be 2G, G, E, H, H+, 4G.

Meaning 2G Symbol:

Technology: GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication)
Comments: Used at the time when internet was really introduced in mobile phones.

Meaning of G Symbol: 

Technology/Abbreviation: GPRS (General Packet Radio Service)
Generation: 2.5G (Between 2G & 3G)
Comments: You can use simply use chatting applications like WhatsApp/Hike with this internet but not suitable for browsing webpage. 

Meaning of E Symbol: 

Technology/Abbreviation: EDGE (Enhanced Data rate for GSM Evolution) or Enhanced GPRS
Generation: 2.75G (Between 2.5G & 3G)
Comments: Webpages can load fine with average speed. Its not suitable for streaming videos/audios.

Meaning of 3G Symbol: 

Technology/Abbreviation: 3rd Generation/ UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecomm. System)
Comments: Webpages load in good speed & suitable for audio streaming. 

Meaning of H Symbol: 

Technology/Abbreviation: HSPA (High Speed Packet Access) . 
Generation : Enhanced 3G
Comments: Even YouTube videos can run without buffering. 

Meaning of H+ Symbol: 

Technology/Abbreviation: HSPA+ (Evloved High Speed Packet Access) 
Generation: Enhanced HSPA
Comments: Downloading and buffering can run smoothly. 

Meaning of 4G Symbol: 

Technology/Abbreviation: LTE (Long Term Evolution)
Comments: Present day World's high speed internet technology. 

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